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How does our AI work?

🛠 Our product is built on top of the cutting-edge "Dreambooth" tech, an algorithm essential in making this a place where Nataniel Ruiz from Google Research and Boston University in 2022. This nifty piece of software takes your photos and teaches AI models how to recreate your fabulous self in any style you desire. dreams become (virtual) reality!

Dreambooth is an open-source deep learning model, whipped up by brainy folks from researchers from Google Research and Boston University in 2022.

The true master-algorithm behind the AI imaging tech we use is called Stable Diffusion, a lovechild of clever researchers at LMU University in Munich and RunwayML. With a little help from Emad Mostaque and their buddies at Stability, this AI powerhouse turns your image dreams into a fun and fashionable reality!

Combine all of that, and add a slice of lemon, and you've got our fun product that creates beautiful LinkedIn profile pictures.

Doesn't that look like a lot of fun? We're truly standing on the shoulders of giants here.

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